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Skyrim: Dragonborn’s Dogma

Star Trekking across the universe…

So, who ordered for a sexy vulcan?

So, who ordered for a sexy vulcan?

I'll bite. F, I, K, and M.

F. At the moment I would say skyrim, just because I haven’t ran into anything too easy or too hard; seems like they really took sometime polishing pretty much everything

I. Think that would be LoZ: Ocarina of Time; Just because it did so many things no game did or did right anyway; it was ahead of it’s time for sure.

K. Battlefield 3; because I was a fan of the franchise up to that point. It still bothers me how EA and DICE somehow went from such a high note like BC2 to rock bottom with BF3. The campaign has so many bad design decisions you just feel rage the entirety of the time.

M. I would say whatever BF3 had wrong with it, and that is expecting the player to play a very, very specific way.

I can understand shooters putting down a narrow path the width of a straw you use to drink, but it seemed like they also expected you to go a certain “pace”. If you tried to travel through the level too fast or too slow you got steamrolled bad. It was probably the most horrendous implementation of “scripting” I ever witnessed in a game.

Video Game Asks for the Bored Soul.

A. Favorite Male Protagonist

B. Favorite Female Protagonist.

C. Favorite Male Antagonist

D. Favorite Female Antagonist

E. Favorite Game Genre.

F. Favorite RPG

G. Favorite Shooter

H. Favorite Fighter

I. Favorite Action/Adventure

J. Favorite Sports-related Game

K. A game you wanted to like/love but just couldn’t due to difficulty, poor design choices, etc.

L. If you could make a game; what is the most important/needed/wanted mechanic you would put in it to make it fun.

M. A game mechanic you think games could do without that would make them more fun/enjoyable.

N. Favorie console manufacturer; (Nintendo, Sony, Xbox)

O. Which console series you feel has the best exclusives.

A plethora of screens from yesterday’s binging of DA:O

Goofing around with the Create-A-Sim Demo

I don’t even…