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Got this game during the Steam Focus Weekend, and I am loving it!

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For you RPG Gamers

For you RPG Gamers

Shooters and Cliches: Resident Evil Revelations REVIEW

Getting rid of bio-terrorism, one B.O.W. at a time…


I recently got this game during a Capcom sale on the PSN (Playstation Network), and while I did enjoy what I played of it during the demo; I was not expecting the game to exceed my expectations seeing how RE6 and RE5 didn’t really amaze me in anyway besides their almost unparalleled graphical fidelity thanks to Capcom’s sprawling MT Framework game engine platform.


With RE5 I never felt actually “scared” and I found the “stop-and-shoot” mechanics frustrating because sometimes it was just way too easy for enemies to swarm you, that and the NPC AI for your partner was almost completely brainless making boss battles overly tedious IMO.

With RE6 with it’s more action-y approach it feels more like “playing an action zombie movie” that while has moody scenarios is more about the set-pieces and explosions than having scary monsters sneak up on you and scare the living daylights out of you.

Revelations on the other hand, is masterfully done as I actually was caught off-guard by the “spook cues” such as enemies appearing through vents or B.O.W.s smashing against doors and windows. That and some of the bosses are some of the most disturbing and downright ugliest fights I have ever encountered in a game.

That and while the game does have a “stop-and-shoot” system like RE5, the controls are far more tight and responsive so that you don’t feel like you’re getting backed into a corner in a really frustrating way. That and while the PS3 version I played was merely a port of a 3DS game, the graphics were impressive with nice post-processing effects and environments that were masterfully moody and atmospheric which are essential in a horror game.


The story actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would. When I looked at trailers and stuff I expected the typical Capcom “trip down drivel road”, and found out the game actually has its quality plot twists. I actually found some of the twists unpredictable and some of the scenes come out of nowhere, which is saying a lot since I have played games where I practically predicted the entire campaign correctly.


While I have played plenty of Capcom games with exceptional music, I never found either RE5’s or RE6’s soundtracks up to par, and I’m glad Revelations’ mixture of moody, atmospheric, and epic assortments to be more of what I expect from Capcom. Levels will have eerie music, cutscenes will have dramatic background pieces, and boss battles (especially the final one) will treat you to an epic piece that will help keep you immersed in the fight.


Resident Evil Revelations is a proper survival horror entry in my opinion. With the mixture a dramatic plot, exceptional music, gameplay, and graphics that help seal the deal, the game is and will be one of my favorite titles on the ps3, and the wait for revelations 2 has become harder to bear. I recommend this game regardless if you’re into shooters, horror, or downright just a gamer in general.

In My Opinon?

Graphics: 9

Gameplay: 8

Music. 9.5

Plot: 9

Jill’s Butt: 10

Overall: 8.9

Good stuff

Resident Evil Revelations Update

Beat the game, prepare for a well deserved review by yours truly.

Ten Video Games That Will Always Stay With Me

RULES: Don’t take more than a few minutes. Don’t think too hard. They don’t have to be great works of the gaming industry, just games that have affected you in a positive way. Then tag some friends including me so I can see your list

Ocarina of Time: A game I have played pretty much to death with multiple versions of it. Played it when I was still a kid and the amount of nostalgia for it still floods my mind. An amazing story, amazing graphics (at the time), great music, great pretty much everything. That and redeads that scared the living daylights out of me every time they latched onto me. Still consider one of the best games ever made.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: There are probably two handfuls of reasons why I love this game, but I will try to say them without getting overly technical. Primarily what I enjoyed was the stealth elements, the “leveling up system”, and the non-linear dialogue system I usually associate with BioWare titles, that and a story that for once I didn’t find horrendously predictable and actually had me taken aback sometimes. I will never quite understand the hate for this game because if you go the full mile you will experience something like no other as far as content, gameplay, graphics, and definitely storyline goes. The game practically immerses you in a cyberpunk world, and that’s saying something.

Mass Effect 2: There are so many aspects of this game I just love and even feel for, it’s insane. I don’t know how BioWare did it, but they were able to come up with characters that are uncannily real. The group you assemble during the game is a cast of characters filled with emotion, desires, motives, and overall a deep personality compared to most games where the NPCs you run to are flatter than a piece of paper. There will also be times where you will feel happines and there will be times where the game practically rips your heart out and crushes in its hand. If you want a feels roller coaster then this a game that can take you for a thrilling ride. That and it’s writing/story is almost unmatched as far as depth and quality goes.

Super Smash Bros: I’ve owned every version starting from N64 to the Wii one, and I have yet to be disappointed, that and what I have played of the 3DS version is still rather enjoyable. I am not sure if it’s because I’m a super-fan of Nintendo or the fact the game is just good regardless, but if you combined the hours of what I played of all currently released smash bros and put them together you will find my play time of the series easily in the thousands, seeing how I have practically played melee and brawl for years.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn I was not planning on getting this game, at all. Why? Because I was in the closed beta for the original version and it was so broken and boring I was done with it before it even started, it was soooo bad. My thoughts on the game changed dramatically though when Realm Reborn entered beta and I got into the ps3 beta, and even though it was only a beta and it was an “mmo”, the beta became like the only thing played for awhile. Heck when Squenix was doing maintenance to where I couldn’t play it, I actually was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t play it til the maintenance was over. Now forward toward my birthday this year and I bought the game and even subbed a few months, and to be honest this is probably the only game besides one I played several years ago that I find is of a quality that actually doesn’t make me mind a subscription, which is saying a lot because I have played so many F2P mmos and when playing them I understood right off the back why they were F2P because of how generic, boring, and overall lacking the “oomph” required to actually be worth even a cent. Also like any mmo though, I have mostly enjoyed it because I have both IRL and an amazing Free Company(Clan/Guild) that has helped me weather through the dungeons required to progress through the game. I have just played too many mmos where the community as a whole never gave a care to help new players and were mostly elitists, and I am just glad that my current experience with XIV shows me that there’s actually an MMO where people aren’t left-handed for once.

Dragon Age: Origins While I haven’t beaten the game, I have thoroughly enjoyed this game even though it kicks me in the teeth sometimes. It has a lot of elements reminiscent of what I played of KOTOR and yet in some ways took those elements and made them more refined. While I did enjoy KOTOR, I found that the combat at the end of the game was really just overly tedious to where I found myself frustrated because every encounter was ALWAYS a life and death situation when I’m used to RPGs where the desperation to win in combat is nowhere near as astronomical. KOTOR would kick you in the teeth and laugh over your broken dead corpse like you were some soulless inanimate object that had no worth whatsoever, and there was not a darn thing you could do about it sometimes. Dragon Age on the other hand made it so from a tactical standpoint it only took figuring out a clever strategy to thwart enemy onslaughts, which allowed you to be more inventive and innovative on how you responded to encounters, which makes the game feel far less frustrating and its kicking your teeth in more of a way to provoke your mind than just making fun of you. That and similar to Mass Effect the team of characters you can assemble makes the trip more worth the ride seeing how they are still deeper than most of the NPCs you run into in most games. Probably if I have one thing I find unlikable about this game, is the graphics and how horrible they are for when the game came out (I’m just glad with the PC version there are ways to help the game upscale to a more tolerable look)

And that’s it, six games. Anymore and I would be breaking the rule of thinking too hard. Hope you enjoyed what I put up though.

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Resident Evil Revelations Update

Chapter 9, things are getting interesting!

Continuing the adventure!